TDH60M – Ep. 100 – Pagani And Oz Vs. Crucible Guard

Well folks. We did it. We made it to our 100th episode and seriously what better way to celebrate a 100th episode than to have Mr. Will Pagani and Mr. Will "Oz" Schoonover on to give us a huge spoiler for the new faction, "The Crucible Guard". We were seriously excited about this one and I am sure you all can guess why. Join us for a little bit of new and a whole lot of spoilers! Also we test the Wills WarmaHordes knowledge in The Lightning Round! We would also like to send a huge thank you to those that have joined us over the years. We’ve made a lot of new friends and met a lot of great people specifically because of this podcast and we couldn’t be more thankful to the great folks in the WarmaHordes community. Thank you!

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