TDH60M – Ep. 96 – Marc Vs. Returning To The Game

Hey everyone! Welcome back to another episode of This Deathclock has 60 Minutes. This week we welcome back an old friend of the show. Seriously, this guy was around for us when we were first cutting our teeth on this whole podcasting thing and now not only has he come back for a visit he has come back to Warmachine in a very strong way. With a Vengeance you might say. Welcome back to TDH60M Marc-Andre LeBlanc and welcome back to WarmaHordes!
So naturally this week we talk about taking a break from WarmaHordes and getting back into the game after a break. Sometimes its just good to take a step back and come back in with all then enthusiasm that a break can give you. Plus we talk about new releases, the end of a CID and other news thats fit to mention for a short period of time.


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