Build Paint Play Season 4 Episode 1

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Build Paint Play

Build Paint Play is a livestream about having fun with tabletop gaming. Hosts Dave Taylor and Jake “Oz” Krajeski chat each week about a wide variety of topics focused on miniature wargames, roleplaying games, and board games. On a regular basis they invite their friends – experts in the tabletop gaming arena – to generate some thoughtful discussion. They also celebrate the great miniatures painting work done by their community.

Season Four is sponsored by The Army Painter.

S4Ep01 – New Year, New You!

Jake and Dave dive into a general chat about the new year, what it is bringing, and what it might bring! They talk about Legions Imperialis, Warhammer: The Old World, and an explosion of cicadas! They also give you a little taste of who they’ll be chatting with during Season Four.

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