CHARGE & SPIKE EPISODE 4: Architects of Cyriss

After millenniums of slumber, the Hyperuranion’s true masters have returned ageless and immortal.

In this very special episode we talk to the creators of Warcaster Jason Soles and Matt Wilson and learn about the Empyreans and their plan for the galaxy. In the Charge section we cover the Aeons, Cyriss Prime, the nature of the Hyperuranion, the Keepers, and dive deep into the background of Warcaster. We also get some really exciting spoilers for the next Warcaster Kickstarter and the new cadre formations. 

Cadre’s are a new formation type where you take certain combinations of regularly accessible models to unlock access to other models or abilities.   Players can include 1 or more cadre’s in their armies in addition to other models.

In the spike section, Jay and Luis discuss each Empyrean Overlords unit and why they will change the face of warcaster.  The guys also lightly touch on list building and Stack building too.

Woe to the fortunes of man.


  • Intro: 0:00

Charge Section: 3:54

  • Privateer Press Origin Story: 4:49
  • Why Warcaster: 15:30
  • Empyreans Lore: 24:28
  • Keepers: 45:43
  • The Void Gates: 48:17
  • Cadres: 1:05:39

Spike: 1:12:27

  • Warjacks: 1:20:00
  • Squads: 1:39:19
  • Solos: 1:55:44
  • Vehicles: 2:09:29
  • Heroes: 2:21:47
  • Ciphers: 2:30:56
  • List Building: 2:43:08

Show notes:

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