Dark Guidance 80: I For One Welcome Our New Cyclone Overlords

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This week on Dark Guidance we join Chris, Brian and Errien , fresh from actually playing games of MK4, as they take a dive into the nitty gritty of the changes of the new edition. Join us as we delve into the practical effects of the changes to movement rules and other edition changes, the culture shock of old edition vs new, the power of the Synergy Knight Guardian with Vyros or Baron Tonguelick with Manifest Destiny and the fact that we are clearly in the darkest of timelines as Cygnar have competent, well designed Melee Infantry AND Warjacks. Enjoy!

And while you’re enjoying some completely factually accurate insight into MK4 Warmachine, we’d recommend if you’re in Europe looking at putting it into practice at the Belgium Masters XXXL this February. Link below

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