Dead Wargamers Society – Episode 7: Battletech, the Game Too Big to Die ft. Bobby Limmogio

Battletech, you know it, you vaguely remember it from playing Mechwarrior 2 and/or the 2018 Harebrained Schemes Studios PC game.  It’s a huge universe and a tabletop game that’s been going strong for longer than many listeners have been alive.  Why is that?  We tackle that question with Battletech-enthusiast/noted Capellan-apologist Bobby Limmogio.

Note: Apologies for some audio weirdness on this one.  Our recording solution, CraigBot, has been misbeheaving a lot lately.  Bad Craigbot!

One technical correction: Battledroids was designed by Jordan Weissman as per, but future editions of Battletech have added additional designers.  I should have clarified that I was referring to the first edition of the game in my summary.  We also got a lot of things slightly wrong.  However, since social media comments were designed for pedantry, we’re leaving those in so you can tell us we’re stupid.  Yay, engagement!

This episode has a lot of profanity.  Like, a lot.  I do my best to ensure any episodes with profanity gets marked explicit, but this one is extra, extra explicit.  Send the kids to bed before putting this on.

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