Dead Wargamers Society – Episode 9: Warzone ft Bryan CP Steele

Chris and Owen talk about the tabletop wargame “Warzone” which was launched in the wake of the runaway success of the 2008 movie “Mutant Chronicles”.  Bryan CP Steele, renowned Thomas Jane scholar, joins us to muse on how necromutants are really an analogy for the railway strikes of the early 1910’s.  We also field some questions about some game called “Dark Age”, which we’ve never heard of before.

In all seriousness, we’re incredibly grateful for Bryan CP Steele, currently of Rez Nova games, for stopping by and giving us a detailed history of the Mutant Chronicles/Warzone universe and for spoiling some information on the upcoming Warzone game: Warzone Eternal, which he is designing. Warzone’s a classic dieselpunk game that’s some weird mix of the themes of Warhammer 40K mixed with an Image Comics aesthetic and storytelling.  Older listeners may be familiar with the other games set in the same setting, such as the Mutant Chronicles RPG or the Doom Trooper CCG.

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