Dead Wargamers Society – Sideboard: Community Chat ft. Seppy Yoon

Bonus episode!

Chris and I started recording episodes that aren’t tied to specific dead wargames that we’ll release as either bonus episodes or put out in cases where we can’t keep to the biweekly schedule for some reason (e.g., in cases of personal emergencies or guests that have to reschedule).  We’re calling these episodes “Sideboards”, not giving them episode numbers, and using different intro/outro music.  We still try to keep these tied to dead wargames (don’t worry, we’re moving into movie reviews or anything!), but they will won’t be as tightly focused on a single dead game as our other episodes.

For this Sideboard, we talk to Seppy Yoon of Fight in a Box Games, who many US listeners probably know from conventions.  We talk game design, trends in gaming, and Chris makes an impassioned plea for all listeners, no, all citizens of the world, to see the Ron Perlman classic “Mutant Chronicles”.  OK, I guess maybe we are toeing into movie reviews….  I blame Chris.

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