Encrypted Command 5: Coming to a Deployment Zone Near You

Despite being stuck in lockdown due to this weird thing called the “Coronavirus”, the Void Boyz of Encrypted Command have gotten together to talk about Kickstarter 3, the Thousand Worlds!

Join us as we analyse, theorycraft and dissect, sometimes accurately, the myriad of releases with this kickstarter. We range from the extremely Whelming force of nature that is the Storm Vulture, to the slightly more well rounded robot flying space-angels that are coming so soon to your deployment zone that you won’t even get a chance to take a turn. We discuss about the fact that the Quartermaster is in such an auto-include that she is literally in every lists, (including ones you haven’t written yet!) to the fact that spooky ghosts have entered the game and thus we all need a hero, a ghost buster, a beautiful robot assassin for hire.

This is an extra long episode for an extra long topic. Enjoy

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