Full Tilt: Episode 4

Recorded 8/24/21

Apologies for the background noise that pops in from time to time. We are working on the audio quality.

This week, Jess and Steve bumble through some old colossal news before coming back to some new colossal errata news later on. They then discuss the two previewed zero warlocks, Barnabus and Makeda, and give some speculation on the remaining three.

The main event is some wild speculation on what a Mk4 could look like. The fellas give their thoughts on the creation of three distinct formats for any potential Mk4’s that may possibly happen in the future. This includes Privateer Press fully taking over Brawlmachine, transforming the current 75 point Steamroller format into a ‘Standard’ format with theme forces but a more limited roster aimed at reducing the bloated SKU count currently in the game, and the creation of Warmachine Legacy, a theme force-less format we have been tinkering with that harkens back to Mk2-style list building. None of these wild speculations have even been hinted at in the slightest from PP, but expect us to return to the Warmachine Legacy and ‘Standard’ format discussion fairly regularly.

We wrap it up by quickly going over our local event before teasing how our River Rodeo event went.

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