Full Tilt: Episode 56

Hosted by
Steven Toast

Happy holidays from Full Tilt! We’ve brought you gifts in the form of some MK3 casters that we have converted to MK4! We went through each army and selected a warcaster that we think would fit said army, then tried our hand at bringing them in to the Prime arena. It goes without saying that these are in no way official casters and should not be played at official tournaments or events. It also should be said that we are in no way affiliated with Privateer Press and are doing this one our own time, for funsies, so that people can play some sweet models in MK4. This initial run will have PDF’s uploaded to our Facebook page. As we do more, you’ll have to hop in our discord channel to see them. Thanks for all of the support over the past year, we appreciate every listen, message, and comment. Here’s to more Warmachine in 2023!

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