Tried And True – Episode 25 TableSide Conversations

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On this special episode, Paul, Dan, and Erica are joined with several other players across the globe for a MKIV tableside discussion. The Tried and True team was honored to have so many fellow Warmachine enthusiasts share their time and community thoughts. Thank you again to everyone who participated! Check out their shows in the links below. Special shout out and thank you to our patrons on Patreon who voted in our podcast subject poll.

0:00 – Intro 7:30 – DEWM Interview with Chris and Jack
17:00 – DEWM Interview with Tiers
25:54 – Blight Bringers interview with Ryan
45:05 – Las Vegas interview with Dave
1:00:13 – Moment of Clarity interview with Matt
1:08:34 – Dark Guidance interview with Chris
1:34:18 – Final Thoughts NOVA Open events –

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Date of recording(s) Month of June 2023

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