Charge & Spike Episode 1: Welcome to Warcaster & Aeternus Tactica

In the first episode we introduce ourselves, talk about what we love about Warcaster, and in the Charge section Jay takes us through his approach to playing with Aeternus Continuum.

00:00 – Intro
13:05 – Charge: Welcome to Warcaster
46:35 – Spike: Why play Aeternus Continuum?

Here are the load outs Jay runs for AC Scourges.

Scourge 1 – Revenger Cortex w/ Hollowphage Cannon, Void Splitter, and Nailer.

Scourge 2 – Attack Cortex (Recently switched to Misanthrope Cortex for added fury protection as several of my regular opponents have been adding Cryo Lock into their Stacks) w/ Force Rod, Rocket Pod, Nailer

Scourge 3 – Misanthrope Cortex w/ Entrophier, Stinger Cannon, and Nailer

The basic thought behind each of these jacks it to include ways to add and remove arc so each jack never ends up sitting on large amounts of arc that can’t be returned to my pool. For example the Revenger Cortex would likely be better served by a Stinger Cannon then a Void Splitter as it is more of a long ranged jack and doesn’t engage with the enemy in melee as often as the other two, but adding the Void Splitter as an another option to spike to remove arc beside just the Claw on the Scourge is advantageous.

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