Blight Bringers Ep 05

On this episode, Wolfe and I are joined by regular guest Cutter as well as special guest Swampmist. We answer a basic question about what to buy when first starting Legion, then we get into everyones favorite new unit: The Chosen of Everblight. We share a list, get into what they are good at, what they potentially can be answered by, and how to warp list selection around them. On top of that we have a couple delicious pieces of tech for everyone so we hope you enjoy those. Thanks for listening!

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Spawning Vessel:
Models to buy first: Raek, Seraph, Hex Hunters
Basic Tech: Slipstreaming or Apparitioning into forests or around buildings in order to set up charges.

Tech-nically correct:
Making Unit Leaders Stationary
Simultaneous Attacks & Sanguine Bond


Homework: Share those sweet sweet Primal Terrors lists we know you are all brewing up in the comments below!

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List discussed on the podcast:
[Anamag 1] Anamag the Doom Feaster [+27] – Blightbringer [32] – Harrier [3] – Ammok the Truthbearer [4] Spell Martyr [1] Spell Martyr [1] Spell Martyr [1] Blighted Ogrun Rotwings (max) [12] Blighted Ogrun Warmongers (max) [13] – Gorag Rotteneye [0(6)] Blighted Ogrun Warspears (max) [15] – Warspear Chieftan [0(5)] Chosen of Everblight (max) [20] Hellmouth [0(6)]

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