Blight Bringers Ep 31

This episode Cutter, wolfe and myself talk to some of the fine Legion folks that went to the ATC. In that light, we have DonnieWho from the Mid-Atlantic Mollywhoppers Team Roosevelt, Dave Bergstrom from the Loonicorns and of course Ryan Schmidt from the Nickel City Nimrods. We discuss list pairs, fun matchups, and tricky plays. We also get pretty deep into DonnieWhos Kallus2 list. Its super-legit. Huge shout-outs to the staff and judges of the ATC: Nathan Hoffmann, Travis Marg, Agatha Dobosz, Andy Welton, and Dan Wasmer. Without you folks, this game wouldn’t be any fun to play.

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Cover Art:
Jason Nichols (Maelstrom)

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Donnie’s Kallus2 Breakdown (Facebook, Legion of Everblight group):

Tech-nically correct:
Use your opponents objectives to trigger beneficial effects like Overrun or Alpha Hunter!

Lists mentioned this week:
ATC Lists:

Nickel City Nimrods: Ryan Schmidt

Loonicorns: Dave Bergstrom

Mid-Atlantic Mollywhoppers Team Roosevelt: Donnie Galitz

Direct Link:

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