Blight Bringers Ep 56 – 2019 in Review

This week, we get Cutter back to go over the year in Warmachine. We look back on whether or not we were successful at our last years resolutions, and then we make some more. We also talk about our gaming triumphs, giving back to the community in different ways, and what conventions if any we plan to attend.

Regarding the patches, I will be getting some produced. More details to come in the new year!

Ryan and Tyrone’s New Years Warmachine Resolutions

Cutter’s New Years Warmachine Resolutions

Immoren News Network:

Ben Beckmann on The Meta

Transparency from Privateer Press
Minority Report with Matt Wilson

Indystorm Gaming Convention, January 31st through Feb 2nd, Wyndham Hotel, 2544 Executive Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46241

Cover Art:
Whale Owl Be Damned (FB)

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