Boosted Rolls #22 – WTC, Poland South and England Lions

We promised you WTC content and here it begins: We start our coverage with our own personal experiences and journey through the WTC as a member/captain of England Lions and Poland South respectively. We discuss how we got to the tournament, how we prepared and of course our feelings about the event. Additionally we cover our round-by-round section in the usual way of focusing on those where we think the most value can be found, and so are able to fit in the full 12 battle reports into one episode. There is a lot to go through so we won’t keep you any longer, enjoy!

Simon will start streaming on Twitch on Monday October 14th at 20:00 CEST, content will be also be made available to Youtube. You are all invited to come and join/harrass the stream – Channel details and content specifics to be released very soon!

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