Boosted Rolls #23 – WTC with Christian Brubakken (Norway Munin)

Welcome back for the second installment of Boosted Rolls’ WTC coverage. This time we are joined by Norway Munin’s Christian and discuss his overall experiences combined with a focus on his Cyrenia list as an alternative to Harby and when/why you might want to pick her up.

We also cover his preparation going into the event, his WTC history and his approach the taking down the big bad Kin. We hope you enjoy and keep your ears open for the next episodes very soon.

Unrelated to the episode, Simon launches his new twitch stream tonight (and every Mon-Thurs 20 – 23 CEST) and invites you all to join him at for online gaming content which will be put out both on twitch and youtube. So, if you enjoy our podcast please show your support by throwing down a follow or getting involved in the chat when you find the time. Many thanks.

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