Boosted Rolls #32 – BTC 2020 (Baden Team Cup)

Welcome back once again! 

A rare treat for you this time as we take a glimpse into the rather reclusive German tournament meta via the Baden Team Cup and winners Dominic DeCassan (of previous WTC winner’s fame) and teammate Christoph Scholl. We discuss the tournament in detail along with some info from a quick ‘interview’ with the organiser Andreas, who was kind enough to share his thoughts and hopes for future iterations.  Zaal and Krueger feature heavily in the battle reports but we also go into the 3 man ‘Dodger’ format (the more popular 3-man format) on a case by case basis and you might have some insight if you are looking to get to grips with the mind games involved. Speaking of format I have to praise the organiser for one choice made regarding scenario but i’ll let you listen and find out for yourselves. 

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PS You might hear some references to ‘the previous episode’ or ‘Polish Team Championship episode’. Unfortunately, we lost that episode due to technical issues. 

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