Boosted Rolls #34 – Covid-19 Vassal League with Bret Fogel

Eminem, that’s who’s back again, but also us, so you don’t need to guess, you’re welcome. It’s been too long! Fortunately some of us (Tomasz) weren’t sitting idle, and instead organised an online league via (the soon to be obsolete, details inside) Vassal. We break ranks and discuss all of this with our guest from the U.S., Bret Fogel who covers his experience winning the league, gives us those juicy battle reports and breaks down exactly why Vassal will be shuffling off very soon. Hint: War Table.

This is a long one, as we didn’t want to hold back on the content now that we finally had a tournament to talk about. Look forward to more as we get the opportunity. Simon will be playing his first game of wmh since the WTC tomorrow via WarTable, bringing Legion back to the fold. Tomasz will probably be off winning something, who knows. Enough, we will let you just enjoy it…

…right after we plug Simon’s twitch stream at every Sunday to Thursday around 16:00 till 22:00 GMT +2 and our patreon page at – we much appreciate the support you guys continue to give us.

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