Crippled System Episode 211: This channel is intended for mature audiences


zztop/kentucky fried movie Rambling
Stream Issues
No introductions
5:25 Announcement for Sportsball/Game of Thrones
Brian and Nathan go Nihilistic again
10:39 nathan is mad about John Oliver
13:00 Announcements
Maple Whisky/Breaking Bad/Dexter
21:45 Moar Genius talking
26:00 Final wishes
30:10 Destiny 2 Discussion & paid loot boxes
42:00 Nathan likes FPS controllers, continued Destiny Talk
55:00 Friday the 13th, Brian goes jason on Jim
58:58 Coach Z Sucks
62:45 Andy Games
70:15 Brian is not podcasting again
Hosts: Nathan H, Andy W, Brian G

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