Dark Guidance 29: Grymcast

Hey guys, Dark Guidance is back and we’ve finally done it, our Grymcast. This week we have Chris and Brian with returning guests Haidos Barbados, and Mat Hickling, as well as a new guest Jahn “I don’t call for nerfs, I just drink” Barfoed. We go in depth on the Grymkin faction, something we’ve been hankering to for some time. Chris was kind enough to look for time stamps this week, so if you’d like to jump around to one of our many topics, they are posted below. Please enjoy the podcast.


Child: 6:16

Dreamer: 25:00

Heretic: 47:10

King of Nothing: 59:30

Wanderer: 1:16:28

OW3: 1:29:30

Arcana: 1:52:50

Bump in the Night Analysis: 2:11:00

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