Dark Guidance 34: The Regretibution of Simmer

This week Chris, Brian, and returning Serial Rahn Abuser, Dylan, welcome one of our local Ret players Tom to the podcast for a discussion about the angriest 22% of Warmachine, the Retribution of Scyrah.

That’s right folks, we’re doing a Regretribution faction breakdown, starting with their terrible themes and finishing with their many Casters who can’t win games. All references to the Retribroken doing well at events and being capable of winning more than their due of games are strictly accidental and are not to be believed under any circumstances.

Be warned: this Podcast contains deep seeded Rage. If you are a sensitive Elf hippy, this podcast isn’t for you. This podcast is only for the most furious knife-ears looking to put the sharp end of a stick in some magic stealing monkeys, even if they have to pull them about 20 inches across the table to do so.

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