Dark Guidance 37: Vlad is the Oprah of Warmachine

Dear Listeners,

We’d first like to apologise for the lack of real content about actual games people care about over the past month. It’s taken over 3 weeks but we think we’ve finally managed to get Chris to shut up about Netrunner.

So kicking things off with Warmachine once more, an exciting game for exciting people, we break our usual rule about not talking about CID releases to talk about the and shiny new Version 0 Journeyman Warcasters. We also ramble on about making, testing and balancing lists for CID, juggling models in CID vs what’s in the real world, how Vladimir makes everything in the game cooler by giving everyone sunglasses and literally anything else we can think about to get Chris to shut up about Titan Transnational. Enjoy

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