Dark Guidance 45: The Weab Three

This week on Dark Guidance, Chris, Brian and International Man of Warmachine Tom Guan talk about the WTC. We discuss our personal experiences and observations from the WTC: like how to one-list an unpainted Legion army to a 5 & 1 win record, what Cryx are up to, the competitive place of meme pieces like the Circle Derpy Turkey and, of course, an inevitable Vlad 2 discussion.
To round things out, the Ret CID was also dropped on our laps so expect a “brief” breakdown of the new changes. Do enjoy and if you, quite rightly, do not care about bad factions feel free to stop listening to the cast when we start talking about Ravyn.

PS. Any Aussie listeners should sign up for the newly rebooted Super Series in the first week of November at Irresistible Force, Brisbane.
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