Dark Guidance 57: We Made It

This week on Dark Guidance: Chris, Brian, Errien and TomO break down the upcoming Oblivion of Old Theme design and the sexy new Requisiton system that allows your Meme Lists to no longer be Dreams. We break down the effects this has on existing model types, our predictions on changes to the meta, and how many exciting themes Chris can shove Karchev running 8 Marauders and a Clam Jack into in order to claim he’s invented a brand new list. A good part of this podcast is general analysis of these changes (mixed with a disgusting amount of talk about Retribution).

In other news we have been graced by Privateer Press with the spoiler for the Winter Guard Kommand theme (starting from 1 hour into the podcast) Thats right folks we’ve made it. We’re an officially recognized podcast moving upwards and onwards to greater things. People might finally remember who the Active Player is (even we’re not sure), Chris might not have to yell so much to be heard, Brian might actually put some effort into editing, our rotation of guest might eventually come back to be cast members, and Tom might have earned the right to return to Australia. Only Toruk knows, but man the future is looking bright for Dark Guidance.

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