Dark Guidance 73: Spicy Vindaloo Elves and Power Napping Alchemists

After a long hiatus due to IRL nonsense, including thankfully a chance to play some weird physical version of Wartable where you actually move the miniatures around using your hands instead of just a mouse, Dark Guidance is back.

To kick us off, this week Chris, Brian and Tom delve into some of the mysterious changes that have happened in our podcasting absence, which we have regrettably had to live (or die) through, as we discuss the Retribution and Crucible Guard CID’s. Given that we’re several months late to the party, we skip right to the “how does this bullshit play on the table” stage of the analysis as we wax a bit lyrical on how Retribution have decided to embrace the ways of Menoth, with their new commitment telling you No in several different and infuriating ways, or how Lucas has learnt the art of power napping in order to keep the party that is his new spell list going without crashing out.

Finally, to promote the jankiness that is IRL Warmachine, we would also like to share some info regarding Capital Carnage, a 2 day event in Canberra starting on the 3rd of July, which should be awesome because among other things it’s been more than a year and a half since any of us descended upon Canberra and raided the Dumpling House there. Links below, and enjoy.

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