Full Tilt: Episode 16, Musing with Nigel Brooks

This week we welcome on our good buddy the owner/designer of Muse on Minis, Mr. Oceans himself, Nigel Brooks to talk about the hype behind Warmachine and how the update is enticing the old guard to return to the game. Nigel briefly goes over his Warfaire Weekend experience before going into the update through the lens of Khador. The boys then each give out some hot new dojo for pSorscha, Jalaam, and Ragnor/Heretic.

We then discuss the distributor business model, how it was further complicated by Covid, and how direct to stores might be the best business model going forward for gaming companies. Nigel then gives us some exciting Muse on Store updates before we wrap the episode by giving our Warmachine origin story.

0:00:00 Intro/Warfaire Weekend Talk
0:11:20 Khador Discussion
0:33:24 Dojo
1:00:00 Business Model Musings
1:30:30 Museonstore Update
1:38:20 Tilt Story

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