Full Tilt: Episode 19 with Chad Shonkwiler

This week the fellas welcome Chad, Muse on Meat Mountain, Shonkwiler on to the cast to get fired up about returning to the game. They break out a new segment called Dojo Duels where each member goes over a list, then gets paired up against each other in a bracket to see who comes out on top. Lots of stuff is coming from the store in addition to all of the new products already released, so be sure to check out the Black Friday Sale, going on through the end of November.


 0:00:00 Intro/News and Announcements
 0:13:06 Chad’s Tilt Story
 0:19:47 Dojo Battle Reports
 0:45:10 Dojo Duels
    0:46:14 Chad’s Grimm 2
    1:03:33 Jesse’s Malakov 2
    1:15:35 Steven’s Terminus
    1:21:37 Nigel’s Oceans (Sorscha 1)
 1:36:19 Muse on Store Update
 1:50:42 Preramble (All things Dragonball)

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