Full Tilt: Episode 22

Hosts: Chad, Jesse, Nigel, Steven

Apologies for the delay, but we are back and in mourning over the loss of all of our sweet Ironhead dojo. The gang goes over some of the games played over the past week or so before breaking out a new dojo duel. Lists and results will be posted on our Facebook page so you can follow along. If you’re there, you might as well hit the like button. As always, support sweet Muse on Minis and all of their new and exciting products.

 0:00:00  Intro/News and Announcements
 0:13:20  Funeral for an Ironhead
 0:19:19  Battle Reports
 0:56:40  Brief Infernals Primer
 1:02:57  2nd Funeral
 1:08:25  Dojo Duels Recap
 1:12:30  Dojo Duels
 2:02:07  Preramble

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