Full Tilt: Episode 24, the Circle Jerks

Hosts: Crump, Jesse, Moops, Nigel, Steven

This shit is all over the place this week.

 0:00:00 Intro/News and Announcements
 0:03:20 James’ Games’
 0:11:00 Circle Jerkin’
 0:28:30 Steven’s Crump’s pBaldur Super Secret Super Tech
 0:33:10 James’ Games’ pt2
 0:37:20 More Circle Jerkin’
 0:42:30 Secret Nigel Tech
 0:45:25 James’ Games’ pt3
 0:56:30 Even More Circle Jerkin’
 1:01:20 Karchev2 Chat
 1:21:20 What Happened to the Dice Curve?
 1:28:30 Wrapping Up
 1:39:40 Preramble

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