Full Tilt: Episode 5

This week, Jess and Steven go over the Krueger 0 spoilers before getting into some points brought up in the thread in the Warmachine General Page about the teased big change. They discuss what they think it could mean for the game which eventually bleeds into the main topic of the evening.

In the meat and potatoes of this episode, the fellas take some time to clarify their thoughts on a three format Mk4, which they wildly speculated about in Episode 4. They give the Line of Sight guys some kudos over Brawlmachine, go into what a reduced model ‘Standard’ format could look like, and discuss their themeless ‘Legacy’ format idea that would provide a home to all cut models and prevent those models from being GW style invalidated.

They wrap up the episode by going over the list of models in Skorne Steven would cut from ‘Standard’ while tangenting heavily along the way.

At the first light of the fifth day, look to Muse on Minis as for all of your wargaming needs.

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