Full Tilt: Episode 7

Recorded 10/2/21

Hey there! This week Jess and Steve go over the new insider posted by Faye before going into some brief speculation about what might change on the 25th. They then break out their new recurring segment where they dive deep into a particular caster, the Warnoun Breakdown. This week they go over McKay in all her train-y wonder.

    Intro                                         0:00:00-0:00:59
    News and Announcements        0:00:59-0:37:57
    Speculation/Wish Listing          0:37:57-0:54:40
    Warnoun Breakdown: McKay     0:54:40-1:26:42
    Closing Thoughts                     1:26:42-1:33:30
    Preramble                                 1:33:30-1:55:33

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