Fully Boosted Presents: Codices of Caen – Cryx

Introducing Codices of Caen, a side project by our own Brad Park! In each episode, Brad will be joined by a member of the community and go over EVERY caster for a faction and discuss where or how to use each one. In the first episode, captain of Belgium’s WTC Team Tim Bossuyt joins Brad to do a full breakdown of the Cryx warcasters!

Timestamps for each warcaster (give or take 30 seconds each with edits): Agathia (2:00), Aiakos2 (5:25), Lich1 (10:55), Lich2 (19:20), Lich3 (24:40), Coven (29:25), Denny1 (34:30), Denny2 (38:05), Denny3 (45:55), Shade1 (49:45), Shade2 (55:45), Shade3 (1:01:15), Mortenabra1 (1:05:50), Mortenabra2 (1:10:15), Rahera (1:15:15), Scaverous (1:20:20), Skarre1 (1:27:55), Skarre2 (1:32:20), Skarre3 (1:38:40), Sturgis2 (1:43:45), Terminus (1:48:20), Venethrax (1:55:25).

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