Retresent Episode 2: Cryx / Lady Elara

This episode we chat Khador/Merc Dynamic Updates, tackle the Cryx matchup with Brett Turb, answer listener questions and spotlight Elara2. FYI, there are known audio issues.. getting a new mic this week. We also apologize if we did not get to your question, we had a tight time window and had to cut any non-Cryx vs Ret long questions. Hoping to get to them next time!

0:00 Intro
4:12 Ret-Review-tion
13:04 What’s New in the Reta – Khador/Steelhead DU
20:33 Enemies of Ios – Cryx
32:53 Question Time
52:40 Enemies of Ios – Wrapup
55:10 Scyrah Spotlight – Elara 2
1:18:36 Outro
1:22:52 Pre/Post Rambles

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