Retresent Episode 3: vs Circle, Ossyan

This cast, we have on Ryan McEnery a good friend and Circle player to discuss the Ret vs Circle matchup, Ossyan and answer listener questions. Adult language. Minor clipping issues on Ryan’s audio, yay internet!

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Sam’s “Turbpedo” List Pair
Andy’s KingdomCon Pair

0:00:13 – Introduction/Announcements
0:04:48 – Retreviewtion
0:25:40 – What’s New in the Ret-a
0:51:30 – Enemies of Ios – Circle vs Ret
1:23:40 – Question Period
2:05:52 – Scyrah Spotlight – Lord Arcanist Ossyan
2:30:05 – Closing
2:33:28 – Pre/PostRambles

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