Boxcars WM&H Podcast- 27 – How Personality Influences the Hobby

This time we talk about different personalities and how they influence our hobby. We based the Podcast on 4 personality colors theory: Red – Lider, Yellow – Sunny, Blue – Analyzer, Green – Creative/Helper.
You will also find out what personalities are some of the prominent community members. At this point, I’d like to thank you all for contribiuting your time in answering my messages and providing your personality colors. You are great guys!
You might want to take the personality test before listening, so you know what personality color you are:
You can also read the article we will use as base for this episode to better understand this topic:
If you are interested where the idea of the personalities came for you can read about Hipokrates theories here: –
Have Fun! Nex Episode: Crucible Guard Spoilers with PP on the Feb 19th.
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