Full Circle – The Updatening

Hi everyone, its been a bit since I’ve posted and I would like to catch everyone up on Full Circle.  I did briefly consider posting about 20 episodes to the Muse news stream but I feel like that might be a bit overwhelming.  Instead, what I am going to do is go ahead and share a link to the playlist of Full Circle episodes.  I’ve also made sure to go ahead and update the descriptions on the videos so you can find the discussion you’re looking for!

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Full Circle – Episode 49

Post Warmachine Weekend episode. I discuss some of the games that I played, as well as talking about a few other topics and questions from a viewer...

Full Circle – Episode 46

Discussion this week centers on some of the information in the Minions CID and how that pertains to Circle.  Then I close out the episode talking...

Full Circle – Episode 44

This week the Call of the Wild theme force was released, so I spend the episode talking about its benefits and how it effects Circle Orboros