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Full Circle – Episode 49

Post Warmachine Weekend episode. I discuss some of the games that I played, as well as talking about a few other topics and questions from a viewer   Also, I’m behind a few episodes, but you can always check out all of the Full Circle in...

Full Circle – Episode 46

Discussion this week centers on some of the information in the Minions CID and how that pertains to Circle.  Then I close out the episode talking about Morvahna the Autumnblade!

Full Circle – Episode 41

WTC lists have arrived! I have a discussion around what we see there, how the future may go from this point and why some selections may have happened.  Apologies in advance too, I definitely had a few technical issues, but should mostly be alright.

Full Circle – Episode 40

This week there’s a lot of Wolds to talk about from the CID! I discuss Bradigus, Wold Guardians, Woldwardens, Woldwatchers, Blackclad Stoneshapers and the newcomer the Wold Wight!

Full Circle – The Updatening

Hi everyone, its been a bit since I’ve posted and I would like to catch everyone up on Full Circle.  I did briefly consider posting about 20 episodes to the Muse news stream but I feel like that might be a bit overwhelming.  Instead, what I am...